Designed using high quality material, the bed is highly durable. Further, it is designed keeping in view the latest furniture trends.

Code Name of Item Size
CS-52 (52.5 NHDS) Bed with New Hydraulic 5ft x 6 1/2ft
CS-52 (52.6 NHDS) Bed with New Hydraulic 6ft x 6 1/2ft
CS-52 (46.4 P)OS Wardrobe 4 Door (Openbale Shutter) 1600x520x2100
CS-52 (46.3 P)OS Wardrobe 3 Door (Openbale Shutter) 1200x520x2100
CS-52 (DT-45) Dressing Table 450x600x1900
CS-52 (ST-48) Side Table 450x450x1000
Option :
CS-52 (46.2 P)SS Wardrobe 2 Door, (Sliding  Shutter) 1800x620x2100
Colour 4039 + F.White GL