Insist on the following quality standards when buying your furniture

chandrafurniture.com follows the highest quality standards

·Practice of Quality Management System as per ISO 9000 – 2008

·Products subjected to highest levels of quality assurance laboratory tests, in line with International Standards.

Key techniques to ensure superior quality & sturdy MDF furniture

Multiple Metal Minifix and Multiple Solid Wood Dowels are used to join two wood furniture panels. Multiple Metal Minifix fittings give metal to metal contact ensuring durability and longevity.


·Higher strength  · Better stability  · Perfect alignment  · Higher load bearing capacity  · Long lasting aesthetics

 Reliability tests


Hydraulic pressure is applied on the sofa seat  & back to ensure strength of sofa frame,  reliability of stitches & foam  density. This results in long lasting aesthetics & comfortable sofas.

Dining table 

The strength of the table top is tested by  distributing 80kg of weight on them. This checks the  load bearing capacity of table top, legs & joints.


Hydraulic pressure is applied on the seat & back for 1,00,000 cycles to ensure strength of the legs &  back joints.

This results in strong & durable chairs.


Testing with vertical impact & vertical point load on the bed ensures frame strength against kids jumping on the bed.




1. What are the advantages of chandrafurniture.com ready made furniture?

Value for money furniture, unmatched aesthics and styles that carpentry cannot replicate, uniform and excellent finish, immediate availability, quick assembling and dismantling


2. How does chandrafurniture.com ensure quality in its furniture?

Products are specially engineered to withstand rough Indian usage. Furniture panels are joined together with the help of multiple solid wood dowels and metal minifix fittings to ensure durability and longevity of the furniture.


3. Is ready made furniture durable?

Yes. Ready made furniture has become the most practical way to finish one’s home world wide. Ready made furniture is durable and will last long if maintained and used properly. chandrafurniture.com furniture can easily last up to 7-8 years. Most importantly it is value for money.


4. Will chandrafurniture.com furniture swell if we do regular mopping?

No. chandrafurniture.com furniture is protected by edge banding on all the sides of the furniture and is therefore   not exposed to moisture. Hence, there is no possibility of swelling under normal usage conditions.


5. Is chandrafurniture.com furniture borer and termite resistant?

Yes. chandrafurniture.com furniture is chemically treated hardwood or engineered wood which is termite and borer resistant.


When it comes to quality, there is no place like chandrafurniture.com